By: Alan Dean Foster

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Used; Very Good. Flinx: born in controversy as the product of illegal genetic experiments. Flinx: raised an orphan in the streets of Drallar on the planet Moth. Flinx: the extraordinary young man with a rare flying snake for a companion, always the inadvertent center of danger and galactic intrigue. Now in his twenties, and owner of a remarkable interstellar spacecraft, he wanted nothing more than to sink into obscurity, posing as a tourist on the backwater worlds of the Commonwealth. But even here he could not escape the attention of a rich local bully who was determined to acquire the minidrag Pip for his personal zoo. Flinx wanted only to avoid trouble, but where Flinx and Pip went, trouble followed.
Flinx hoped to elude pursuit by fleeing randomly into uncharted space--seemingly the only place he would find the peace he craved. Instead, he made one of the most startling discoveries of his life: a verdant planet covered by an immense jungle, miles deep, hosting an incredible variety of plant and animal life, all of it unknown and all of it deadly. But stranger still, Flinx found humans living there, the descendants of a lost colony ship from the earliest days of human expansion into space. These people called their home Midworld, for the middle levels of the jungle treetops where they lived.
Flinx would need their help to survive in this wild and wonderful place, especially when his tenacious pursuers discovered his hiding place.... . 1995. Hardcover 1st. HARDCOVER. First Edition.

Title: Mid-Flinx

Author Name: Alan Dean Foster

Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy,

Edition: Hardcover 1st

Publisher: 1995

ISBN Number: 0345383745

ISBN Number 13: 9780345383747


Book Condition: Used; Very Good

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