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 - 27 items found in your search
   -Veterinary Medicine

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Child Development Custom Edition for Lamar University Taken From: Child Development Principles and P
1 Child Development Custom Edition for Lamar University Taken From: Child Development Principles and P
Pearson 1900 0536832226 / 9780536832221 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Hardcover in GOOD condition. Pearson Custom Publishing (2005) 
Price: 60.00 USD
Herbal Goddess: Discover The Amazing Spirit Of 12 Healing Herbs With Teas, Potions, Salves, Food, Yo, Amy Jirsa,
2 Amy Jirsa, Herbal Goddess: Discover The Amazing Spirit Of 12 Healing Herbs With Teas, Potions, Salves, Food, Yo
2015 1612124127 / 9781612124124 TRADE PAPERBACK 
Working with 12 common herbs, Amy Jirsa offers recipes and ideas to open your mind, strengthen your body, and nourish your spirit. In-depth profiles show you how to unlock the powerful properties of calendula, chamomile, cinnamon, dandelion, echinacea, elder, ginger, holy basil, lavender, nettle, rose, and turmeric through delicious teas and foods, luxurious salves, skin and hair care treatments, complementary yoga poses, and meditations. Discover the natural keys to radiant health and wellness. 
Price: 9.95 USD
Stuttering: An Integration of Contemporary Therapies (Publication #16), Barry Guitar, Teodore J.
3 Barry Guitar, Teodore J. Stuttering: An Integration of Contemporary Therapies (Publication #16)
2009 0933388411 / 9780933388413 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Book condition VERY GOOD. In recent years, most disagreement about stuttering therapy has boiled down to a preference for one of two major approaches. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Love, Medicine and Miracles Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience With Exce, Bernie S. Siegel , M.D.
4 Bernie S. Siegel , M.D. Love, Medicine and Miracles Lessons Learned About Self-Healing from a Surgeon's Experience With Exce
Harpercollins 1990 0060919833 / 9780060919832 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Good 
'We do have biological LIVE and DIE mechanisms within us. . . the state of mind changes the state of the body by working through the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system. Exceptional patients manifest the will to live in its most potent form . . . ' writes Dr Bernie Siegel. Drawing on his clinical experience Dr Seigel show how, by reaching out to others, we can alleviate stress and release the body's healing mechanism. In this extraordinary book he shows that when apparently terminally ill patients take control of their illness they can change, enrich and often prolong their lives far beyond scientific and medical expectation. Through the healing power of love patients who have come under his care have learned that hope and joy can work miracles. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Therapy for Those Who Stutter Publication No. 10, C. Woodruff Starkweather
5 C. Woodruff Starkweather Therapy for Those Who Stutter Publication No. 10
1974 093338808X / 9780933388086 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Good 
Stuttering Foundation of America. Paperback. Book Condition: VERY GOOD. We know the problem that you have in working with adult stutterers, and this book is an attempt to help you. For each of the areas mentioned above -- evaluation motivation, modification, attitudes, transfer, and the clinician himself, we have supplied a separate chapter, written by a speech pathologist who has encountered these problems many times. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Treating the School-Age Child Who Stutters A Guide for Clinicians (Publication #14), Carl W. Dell
6 Carl W. Dell Treating the School-Age Child Who Stutters A Guide for Clinicians (Publication #14)
Stuttering Foundation Of Amer 2000 0933388462 / 9780933388468 Second Edition TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Trade Paperback in VERY GOOD condition. First edition published under title: Treating the school age stutterer. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Essential Aromatherapy Book, Carole Mcgilvery
7 Carole Mcgilvery Essential Aromatherapy Book
National Institute of Public Education 2008 1859671373 / 9781859671375 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 

Price: 8.95 USD
The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology, Cooper, Jack R.
8 Cooper, Jack R. The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology
1991 0195071182 / 9780195071184 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Good 
For the Sixth Edition of this widely used text, the authors have added a new chapter on memory and learning and have reorganized the material on catecholamines into separate chapters on norepinephrine and epinephrine, and dopamine. In addition, they have included much new information on G proteins and second messengers, excitatory amino acid receptors, and other timely issues. As in the past, this book will be extremely valuable to students and professionals at many different levels: undergraduates studying psychopharmacology or neurobiology, medical students, graduate students in pharmacology and neuroscience, neuroscientists and residents and practitioners in neurology and psychiatry. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs,  And Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers, David Perlmutter
9 David Perlmutter Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, And Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers
Little, Brown And Company 2013 031623480X / 9780316234801 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, blows the lid off a topic that's been buried in medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. And not just unhealthy carbs, but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, why your brain thrives on fat and cholesterol, and how you can spur the growth of new brain cells at any age. He offers an in-depth look at how we can take control of our "smart genes" through specific dietary choices and lifestyle habits, demonstrating how to remedy our most feared maladies without drugs. With a revolutionary 4-week plan, GRAIN BRAIN teaches us how we can reprogram our genetic destiny for the better. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Fish Diseases Textbook, Erwin Amlacher
10 Erwin Amlacher Fish Diseases Textbook
1900 0876660375 / 9780876660379 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Hardcover book is in GOOD Condition. Technique of investigation; Diagnosis; Prophylaxis, hygiene and therapy; The sending of fish for analysis; Viral and bacterial diseases; Viruses and bacteriophages; Bacteria; Diseases caused by dinoflagellates; Mycosis (fungal diseases); Protozoan diseases; Flagellates (Mastigophora); Helminthiasis (worm diseases); Trematodes; Cestodes; Nematodes; Acanthocephala; Fish leeches; Leeches of crustacea; Crustacean parasites of fish; Ecological diseases produced by chemical and physical factors; Hereditary diseases; Tumors; Geological factors which adversely affect aquaria, and their control; Special suggestions for veterinarians, with reference to decisions on fish diseases. 
Price: 9.95 USD
11 Fc&a Publising Ordinary Ailments, Extraordinary Cures
FC, &, A Publishing 2003 1890957828 / 9781890957827 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Ordinary Ailments, Extraordinary Cures 
Price: 8.95 USD
Do You Stutter: A Guide For Teens (Speech Foundation Of America No. 21.), Fraser, Jane H.
12 Fraser, Jane H. Do You Stutter: A Guide For Teens (Speech Foundation Of America No. 21.)
Stuttering Foundation Of Amer 1997 0933388276 / 9780933388277 Third Edition TRADE PAPERBACK Collectible; Very Good 
Stuttering Foundation of Amer. Paperback. Book Condition: VERY GOOD. Provides up-to-date information about what stuttering is ; concerns and feelings associated with stuttering ; ways to help yourself and where to find help. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Lord Lister, Godlee, Sir Rickman John
13 Godlee, Sir Rickman John Lord Lister
Heirs of Hippocrates Library B000UIOBAM LIMITED & SPECIAL EDITIONS Used; Like New 
The Heirs of Hippocrates Library/Oxford University Press, New York, 1993. Hard Cover. Book Condition: As New. No Jacket. Special Edition from 3rd Ed., Revised,. 686pp.incl.index; HB quarter-bound red cloth&leather w/gold on blk., raised bands; trimmed in gilt w/red satin ribbon bkmk.; clean,tight pgs. Special Edition Privately Printed. medical history Size: 8vo - over 7" - 9" tall. 
Price: 44.95 USD
14 Gregory H. Hugo Stuttering Therapy Prevention And Intervention With Children (Publication #20)
Stuttering Foundation Of Amer 1988 0933388225 / 9780933388222 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Stuttering Foundation of America. Paperback. Book Condition: Very Good. This volume contains five papers presented at a conference on developmental and environmental factors related to the onset of stuttering, evaluation and treatment procedures, and the measurement of therapy outcomes. 
Price: 5.95 USD
15 James W. Ney Language 4
1900 0844521043 / 9780844521046 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Hardcover book is in very good condition. Laidlaw Brothers, 1983.
Price: 45.00 USD
16 Jane Fraser Gruss Stuttering Therapy Transfer And Maintenance (Speech Foundation Of America Publication #19)
Stuttering Foundation Of Amer 1985 0933388195 / 9780933388192 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Stuttering Foundation of America. Book Condition: Very Good. This volume contains six papers presented by speech therapists at a conference dealing with principles and procedures that are crucial to transfer and maintenance of the modification of stuttering and the production of increased fluency. 
Price: 5.95 USD
The Arthritis Cure, Jason Theodosakis
17 Jason Theodosakis The Arthritis Cure
St. Martin's Press 1997 0312152841 / 9780312152840 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Three prominent health experts present what they believe is a medical miracle, tested over the course of four decades, that can help stop the pain and change the lives of the more than thirty-five million Americans who suffer from osteoarthritis. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Mosby's Diagnostic And Laboratory Test Reference (Mosby's Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference), Kathleen Deska Pagana PhD
18 Kathleen Deska Pagana PhD Mosby's Diagnostic And Laboratory Test Reference (Mosby's Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference)
Mosby Inc 2006 0323046347 / 9780323046343 FLEX-BINDING Used; Very Good 
With up-to-date, clinically relevant information, Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 8th Edition is the perfect user-friendly guide to everything you need to know about laboratory and diagnostic tests. Test entries are organized alphabetically, making it perfect More... Possible critical values are highlighted to alert the reader to situations requiring immediate intervention. A symbol next to drug-related interfering factors highlight the effects of pharmacologic agents on tests. Increased and decreased abnormal findings are highlighted with directional arrows. Icon for patient teaching-related care indicates information that should be shared with patients and their families. Home Care Responsibilities boxes provide important patient teaching guidelines and instructions for patients outside of acute care settings. Each test concludes with a Notes section that enables readers to add their own information. User's Guide to Test Preparation and Performance provides an overview and guidelines for each type of laboratory test and diagnostic procedure to ensure safety and accuracy. Lists of tests by body system and test type allow the reader to quickly locate related studies. Abbreviations for tests are listed on the end papers and symbols and units of measurement are listed in an appendix. 17 new test entries?including Ductoscopy, Thyroglobulin, Lactoferrin, and Human Papillomavirus?present the latest tests and procedures. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Mosby's 2011 Nursing Drug Reference, Linda Skidmore-Rot
19 Linda Skidmore-Rot Mosby's 2011 Nursing Drug Reference
2010 0323069185 / 9780323069182 FLEX-BINDING Used; Very Good 
Includes unopened CD If you are going to buy one drug handbook -- this should be the one. No other drug handbook enables you to access reliable drug information quicker. With an A-Z organization, each drug is easy to find. But what's even better is the fact that Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference gives you the most complete drug information for each drug, including uses, side effects, and interactions. Key nursing considerations are identified to help you assess, administer, evaluate, and teach your patients. Instructions for giving drugs by various routes (e.g., PO, IM, IV) are also included. You will ALWAYS find the latest and most trustworthy drug information in Mosby's Nursing Drug Reference by Linda Skidmore-Roth, a well-known expert in nursing pharmacology. There is a difference in drug handbooks -- put your trust in Mosby, the leading name in nursing publishing. Presents comprehensive coverage of more than 1,300 generic and 4,500 trade-name drugs. Organizes monographs alphabetically by generic drug name to allow for fast retrieval of needed information. Includes comprehensive drug monographs containing generic names, Rx or OTC designations, pronunciation, U.S. and Canadian trade names, functional and chemical classification, controlled-substance schedule, do-not-confuse drugs, action, uses, unlabeled uses, dosages and routes, available forms, side effects, contraindications, precautions, pharmacokinetics, interactions (including drug/herb, drug/food and drug lab test), nursing considerations, and treatment of overdose. Provides concise, practice-oriented nursing considerations: assess, administer, perform/provide, evaluate, and teach patient/family. Highlights IV drug information in one easy-to-find place, under the Administer heading, including special considerations and Y-site, syringe, and additive compatibilities. Identifies high alert drugs that pose the greatest risk for patient harm if administered incorrectly. Features a nursing alert icon identifying considerations that require special attention. Highlights common and life-threatening side effects for easy identification. Features over 400 potential interactions between drugs and herbal products. Includes lifespan and disorder-related dosages for newborns, children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric, hepatic, and renal patients. Provides special Do Not Confuse headings so you can avoid administering the wrong drug. Includes Tall Man lettering as recommended by the FDA to distinguish easily confused drug names. Features 16 full-color illustrations that show mechanisms or sites of action for select drug classes such as antidepressants, antiinfectives and antiretroviral agents. Features boldface route subheadings -- such as PO, IV, and IM -- under the Dosage and Routes and Administer headings to help in finding information quickly. Includes several detailed multi-product monographs that group all chemically similar forms of insulins, cephalosporins (1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-generation), contraceptives, and penicillins together into single monographs, with cross-references to the individual forms of these drugs. Includes a Drug Categories section with nursing considerations and a list of common generic drugs for each category. Offers a Combination Products appendix covering the forms and uses of more than 500 products. Designates Canadian brand names with a maple leaf. Offers a flexible, water-resistant cover for durability in the clinical setting. Includes a free mini CD with complete, printable information on the 100 most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, hundreds of normal laboratory values, patient teaching guides in English and Spanish, English-to-Spanish translations for common drug phrases and terms, Canadian drug content including a listing of high alert Canadian medications, a Canadian controlled substance chart, an immunization schedule, and 30 clinical calculators. Includes free online updates with the latest FDA drug alerts, new drug monographs, tables of recently released drugs in the U.S., a listing of high-alert Canadian medications and controlled substances, links to useful drug-related websites, information on selected prescription drugs with potential for abuse, an extensive table of orphan drugs, a detailed table of AHA drug dosing guidelines, names and uses of commonly used herbal products, medications that may be inappropriate for geriatric patients, drugs metabolized by known P450s, a comprehensive Drug Name Safety reference, and patient teaching guidelines. Includes monographs of 25 new drugs recently approved by the FDA. Provides Black Box Warnings with alerts to dangerous and/or life-threatening adverse effects. Presents thousands of new and updated drug facts, including doses, side effects, pharmacokinetics, interactions, and nursing considerations. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Intelligent Drug Development: Trials and Errors in Clinical Research, Michael Tansey
20 Michael Tansey Intelligent Drug Development: Trials and Errors in Clinical Research
Oxford University Press 2014 0199974586 / 9780199974580 HARDCOVER New 
Clinical research is heavily regulated and involves coordination of numerous pharmaceutical-related disciplines. Each individual trial involves contractual, regulatory, and ethics approval at each site and in each country. Clinical trials have become so complex and government requirements so stringent that researchers often approach trials too cautiously, convinced that the process is bound to be insurmountably complicated and riddled with roadblocks. A step back is needed, an objective examination of the drug development process as a whole, and recommendations made for streamlining the process at all stages.
With Intelligent Drug Development, Michael Tansey systematically addresses the key elements that affect the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of the drug-development process, and identifies steps that can be adjusted and made more efficient. Tansey uses his own experiences conducting clinical trials to create a guide that provides flexible, adaptable ways of implementing the necessary processes of development. Moreover, the processes described in the book are not dependent either on a particular company structure or on any specific technology; thus, Tansey's approach can be implemented at any company, regardless of size. The book includes specific examples that illustrate some of the ways in which the principles can be applied, as well as suggestions for providing a better context in which the changes can be implemented. The protocols for drug development and clinical research have grown increasingly complex in recent years, making Intelligent Drug Development a needed examination of the pharmaceutical process. 
Price: 20.95 USD
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Herbal Goddess: Discover The Amazing Spirit Of 12 Healing Herbs With Teas, Potions, Salves, Food, Yo, Amy Jirsa,
Herbal Goddess: Discover The Amazing Spirit Of 12 Healing Herbs With Teas, Potions, Salves, Food, Yo
Amy Jirsa,
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