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Lamar Univ. Literary Press

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Lamar Univ. Literary Press

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With Our Baggage, Alan Berecka
1 Alan Berecka With Our Baggage
Lamar University Literary Press 2013 0985255293 / 9780985255299 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2013, Book Condition: New. The poems in 'With Our Baggage' remind us of the baggage we all carry and show us how to do it with grace. The range of subjects is vast, from baseball heroes to the failures of fathers, from being a poet to being Polish in South Texas, from God's radio to American machismo. But the real subject here is the human animal in its many glorious strivings and bumbling failures. The result is a vision of the world as a strange, funny, beautiful place. Though Berecka's poems are sometimes hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, and satiric, they are also painful, poignant, and bittersweet. These varied poems offer the reader a touching human response to incursions of the holy into everyday life. 
Price: 15.00 USD
An Affair of the Stilled Heart, Bobby Aldridge
2 Bobby Aldridge An Affair of the Stilled Heart
Lamar University Literary Press 2016 1942956185 / 9781942956181 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2016, Book Condition: New. Never has there been anything so intimate yet so unknown as death. It is the dedicated spouse to life itself, unavoidable and inseparable. Often spoken of together as though they were one; Todd and Mary, Frank and Linda, Life and Death. They are a tempestuously passionate couple. With a civil and proper public face and darker private struggles, they are always discreetly at odds until their passion spills into the public eye and we see the power and intrusiveness of their relationship. We are their children, witness to their fights and their affections, all of us everywhere, regardless of culture and place. Yet each person, each tradition, handles the repercussions of troubled mortality differently. It is an affair of the stilled heart, loving, kind, brutal, or loveless, that unifies us. In the broadness of war and genocide and the closeness of still birth, as a species we are prevented from life everlasting only by the one singular certainty. With reverence, passion, and introspection 'An Affair of the Stilled Heart' explores death and dying and our relationship to death through formal and free verse across many cultural and religious traditions. 
Price: 15.95 USD
Early Men, Britt Haraway
3 Britt Haraway Early Men
Lamar University Literary Press 2016 1942956258 / 9781942956259 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2016, Book Condition: New. Most of the short stories in this collection are set in the south, places like Memphis, East Tennessee, North Mississippi,and Texas. A blurb from Josh Weil:
"These moving stories of characters struggling with their own flaws, fighting to right their tilted lives or survive a loved one's loss, are richly imagined, admirably complex, and shine with the subtlety and sensitivity of truly fine writing. But Early Men is more than that. By bravely grappling with the political as well as the personal, Britt Haraway tackles one of literature's most difficult, yet vital, roles and, with this debut, offers us important insights not only about ourselves, but about the wider world in which we live." --Josh Weil, author of The Great Glass Sea
Price: 19.95 USD
Underground Musicians, Carol Coffee Reposa
4 Carol Coffee Reposa Underground Musicians
Lamar University Literary Press 2013 0985083808 / 9780985083809 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2013, Book Condition: New. In Underground Musicans Carol Coffee Reposa presents a delicious double metaphor of geography and color. In her itinerary she leads us first to Mexico and Ecuador, then to Western Europe, to Russia, then back home. In this collection, so much depends upon images-the pulse of guitars and trumpets in Veracruz, the Nazca lines spiraling across the horizon, the picture of Lucifer's face turned away as God hurls him from the heavens and scores of other images that, in Carol's talented hands, carry literal and metaphoric meanings. With this book Carol Coffee Reposa establishes herself as one of the most insightful of Texas poets. 
Price: 17.95 USD
Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Picket Fences, Carol Smallwood
5 Carol Smallwood Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Picket Fences
Lamar University Literary Press 2014 0991107489 / 9780991107483 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2014, Book Condition: New. That time brings metamorphosis to all things should be evident living on a planet with molten lava at its core. Shakespeare wrote about sea-change transforming our bones “into something rich and strange”. Most change is so subtle that we do not see it even though it has been going on since the Big Bang—and we may speculate if it was happening even earlier. The classical four elements: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire regarded for centuries as the states-of-matter or simplest main parts of which anything consists were used to divide the formal and free verse poems. The last section, Picket Fences, is the added fifth element.
Price: 15.00 USD
Rottens, Chatterboxes & Mayors: Three Short Plays from the Spanish Golden Age, Catalina Castillon, AndyC
6 Catalina Castillon, AndyC Rottens, Chatterboxes & Mayors: Three Short Plays from the Spanish Golden Age
Lamar University Literary Press 2016 1942956347 / 9781942956341 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2016, Book Condition: New. The three short plays in this volume deal with timeless important issues, have the potential for a diverse cast, and most important, they are funny. Written during the Spanish Golden Age, they still resonate with a modern audience as they deal with the basic foibles of the human condition. Historians know that Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616), author of the first great novel, Don Quixote, wrote one of these plays: The Election of the Mayors of Daganzo, and internal evidence in the other two plays suggest Cervantes also wrote The Hospital of the Rotten and The Chatterboxes. 
Price: 17.95 USD
Failing Heaven, Charles Behlen
7 Charles Behlen Failing Heaven
Lamar University Literary Press 2014 0991107454 / 9780991107452 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2014, Book Condition: New. Charles Behlen's poems in 'Failing Heaven'-whether the setting is a peepshow booth in Hobbs, New Mexico, a death row cell in Huntsville, a food bank in Dumas, or a street corner in San Antonio-affirm that our suffering sanctifies the profane. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Waiting for an Etcher, Chip Dameron
8 Chip Dameron Waiting for an Etcher
Lamar University Literary Press 2015 099153218X / 9780991532186 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2015, Book Condition: New. From life along the South Texas border to travels abroad to the vitality of family bonds, Waiting for an Etcher provides a series of memorable images and insights. Chip Dameron's eye for detail and gift of phrasing offer readers the opportunity to enter the world of each poem and experience its landscape.
Price: 16.75 USD
Elder Tree, Chris Ellery
9 Chris Ellery Elder Tree
Lamar University Literary Press 2016 1942956320 / 9781942956327 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2016, Book Condition: New. Elder Tree embodies a lifetime of experience and observation, dream and fantasy, quest and discovery in the shape of the mystical elder. As the thirteenth and last tree of the Celtic tree calendar, the elder is associated with pain, dissolution, and death. It provided both the wood of the cross and the limb from which Judas hanged himself. But it is also a medicinal tree, source of many folk remedies. And as the tree of the Triple Goddess, its energies are feminine and committed to the blessings and beauties of incarnate life. So it is also a tree of healing, rebirth, resurrection. The paradox of the elder is the crux of this collection, and readers who are paying attention just might experience renewal on the limbs of its many epiphanies. "The lesson of the elder is a difficult one," says Jane Gifford in The Wisdom of Trees. Perhaps so. Yet it is a lesson that everyone must learn. 
Price: 16.95 USD
The Beatest State in the Union: An Anthology of Beat Texas Writing, Christopher Carmona, Ed.
10 Christopher Carmona, Ed. The Beatest State in the Union: An Anthology of Beat Texas Writing
Lamar University Literary Press 2016 1942956088 / 9781942956082 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2016, Book Condition: New. Many of the major Beat writers of the 1950s and 1960s had a fascination with Texas. They spent time there, traveled around the state, wrote there. And left a legacy among the Texas writers they met as well as those influenced by reading the original Beats. This anthology includes both well-known Beat writers and writers who are currently in the process of making names for themselves with their publications. 
Price: 29.95 USD
When You Find Us We Will Be Gone: Stories, Christopher Linforth
11 Christopher Linforth When You Find Us We Will Be Gone: Stories
Lamar University Literary Press 2014 0991107497 / 9780991107490 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2014, Book Condition: New. In these twelve stories, Christopher Linforth explores the complexities, difficulties, and troubling alienation of the modern world. This diverse, innovative collection spans the globe and includes elegant meditations on a failing relationship in post-Communist Croatia, a violin appraiser's quest to auction a rare Stradivarius, a difficult and troubling father-son relationship in 1950s Levittown, a posse of cowboys hired to round-up feral cattle in Japan, and a post-modern novella charting the identity breakdown of a writer. 
Price: 17.95 USD
The Pilgrimage, Selected Poems 1962-2012, Dave Oliphant
12 Dave Oliphant The Pilgrimage, Selected Poems 1962-2012
Lamar University Literary Press 2012 0985255242 / 9780985255244 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2012, Book Condition: New. In the tradition of literary pilgrimages, the one is this book is both physical and spiritual. Dave Oliphant moves us around West, Central, and East Texas in poems named after towns: Wink, Denton, Houston, Honey Island. These poems find the spiritual in the ordinary and share such insights through sight and sound-especially the many sounds of music. Read the poems aloud and listen; you will hear music through the entire collection. The first poem starts the book's pilgrimage with a psalm of daily life, and the final poem offers a magnificent chorus of folk songs, symphonies, yodels, pop music, and more. Oliphant's pilgrimage presents a montage of striking personalities, from the saintly to the damned, from the famous to the unnamed. Lovers of poetry will return often to this book, always finding lines to ponder and treasure. 
Price: 17.95 USD
Border Lore: Folktales and Legends of South Texas, David Bowles
13 David Bowles Border Lore: Folktales and Legends of South Texas
Lamar University Literary Press 2015 1942956010 / 9781942956013 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2015, Book Condition: New. Award-winning translator and author David Bowles brings together twenty-five darkly memorable stories of the southern borderlands of Texas, retold in his unique voice. Ranging from the age-old folktales heard at his grandmother's knee to urban legends collected down the years, each of these narratives is brought to stunning visual life by artist José Meléndez. An appendix classifies the pieces and enumerates motifs.
Price: 19.95 USD
Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry, David Bowles
14 David Bowles Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry
Lamar University Literary Press 2013 0985255285 / 9780985255282 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2013, Book Condition: New. Winner of the 2014 Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award for Best Translation from the Texas Institute of Letters. In pre-Colombian Mexico, song and dance were vital components of daily life. However, all that is left of this vast tradition of lyrical verse are fewer than 200 poems, most contained in three codices written just after the Spanish conquest. In this new translation, David Bowles employs the tools of English verse to craft accessible, powerful versions of selected songs from the Aztec and Mayan civilizations, striking a balance between the features of the original performance and the expectations of modern readers of poetry. With full-color illustrations, a thorough glossary and insightful introduction, 'Flower, Song, Dance' brings a neglected literary tradition to life for the 21st-century. 
Price: 18.95 USD
Daodejing, David Breeden, Wally Swis
15 David Breeden, Wally Swis Daodejing
Lamar University Literary Press 2015 0991532171 / 9780991532179 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2015, Book Condition: New. This is a multi-step collaborative translation that began with the Chinese put into English, then the three scholar-poets worked on the language of their first step in translation to make better available to modern readers the experience of a poem through an integration of form and meaning. Without such an integration, the aesthetic experience of reading a poem is at best only partial, at worst not a meaningful experience at all. This new Daodejing is both the old one with all its majesty and a new one offered in twenty-first century American English as wielded by true experts: poets who will not and cannot divorce meaning from form. 
Price: 19.95 USD
A Garden on the Brazos: Green Thoughts in a Texas Garden, Dominique Cranmer Inge
16 Dominique Cranmer Inge A Garden on the Brazos: Green Thoughts in a Texas Garden
Lamar University Literary Press 2013 0985083816 / 9780985083816 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2013, Book Condition: New. In A Garden on the Brazos Dominique Inge shares her considerable gardening expertise in a series of astute observations about the joys and trials of Texas gardening. The book contains both carefully researched scientific information and insightful musings in prose so well wrought and charming that you will read for the pleasure of reading as well as for the book's practical guidance in gardening. 
Price: 19.95 USD
Ancilla, Erin Murphy
17 Erin Murphy Ancilla
Lamar University Literary Press 2014 0985083859 / 9780985083854 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2014, Book Condition: New. Here are insightful poems for an age that craves information and celebrity gossip. Erin Murphy skillfully employs meter, rhyme, line, stanza and even erasure to shine lights on minor characters adjacent to the stars. Her instinct for narrative and formal variation delivers fine monologues that sparkle and surprise. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Geosi Interviews Fifty Writers World Wide, Geosi Gyasi
18 Geosi Gyasi Geosi Interviews Fifty Writers World Wide
Lamar University Literary Press 2017 1942956274 / 9781942956273 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2017, Book Condition: New. Geosi Gyasi, a talented writer from Asamankese, Ghana, assembled 50 of the more than 300 interviews he has conducted with writers from around the world. Some of these writers are quite well known--including a Nobel Laureate--and all are talented, publishing writers. Geosi has these writers telling of their writing, the way they write, why they write, how they write, and much more. This is a collection of interviews of interest to anyone wanting to know more about individual writers as well as readers who enjoy learning about the personalities of literary artists. 
Price: 18.95 USD
Memphis Mojo, Gerald Duff
19 Gerald Duff Memphis Mojo
Lamar University Literary Press 2014 099110742X / 9780991107421 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2014, Book Condition: New. J.W. Ragsdale, a failed Mississippi cotton farmer turned Memphis homicide detective, along with his partner, Tyrone Walker is faced with a cowboy preacher, a home invasion, urban gangs, and a killer who sees spirits and converses with the dead. The setting is Memphis, a city haunted by the blues, rock and roll, magic, humor, and violence. J.W. and Tyrone must sort through another spell of mania on the Big River, and bring things back to a low rumble in a town where tough mojo hands, death, and high hilarity come together. 
Price: 17.95 USD
Hazards : Poems from the Southwest, Glen Sorestad
20 Glen Sorestad Hazards : Poems from the Southwest
Lamar University Literary Press 2015 1942956037 / 9781942956037 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Lamar University Literary Press, Paperback, 2015, Book Condition: New. This collection brings together poems that reflect Glen Sorestad's fascination with and affection for the American Southwest's distinctive landscape and the people who inhabit it. From his first visit over 30 years ago, Sorestad has been recording in poetry his experiences, stories he hears, and his unique observations. The result is a gathering of insightful and entertaining poems spanning several decades and countless miles of traveling Southwestern highways and backroads. Glen Sorestad, first poet laureate of Saskatchewan, has published more than twenty books of poems. His poetry has been translated into seven languages and appeared in dozens of anthologies and textbooks. 
Price: 16.95 USD
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Motherland, Stories and Poems from Louisiana, Lynn Hoggard
Motherland, Stories and Poems from Louisiana
Lynn Hoggard
17.95 USD

Migratory Words, Moumin Quazi
Migratory Words
Moumin Quazi
15.95 USD

High Tides, Low Tides: The Story of Leroy Colombo, Jean F. Andrews
High Tides, Low Tides: The Story of Leroy Colombo
Jean F. Andrews
17.95 USD

Failing Heaven, Charles Behlen
Failing Heaven
Charles Behlen
15.00 USD

The Crone at the Casino, Janet McCann
The Crone at the Casino
Janet McCann
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Cedar Plums, Larry D. Griffin
Cedar Plums
Larry D. Griffin
15.95 USD

The Bones Poems, William Virgil Davis
The Bones Poems
William Virgil Davis
15.00 USD

Ancilla, Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy
15.00 USD


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