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Large Print

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Unexpected Blessings (Large Print), Barbara Taylor Bradford
1 Barbara Taylor Bradford Unexpected Blessings (Large Print)
St. Martin's Press 2005 0739449753 / 9780739449752 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
The new blockbuster from one of the world's greatest storytellers delves into the life of Emma Harte--the original Woman of Substance--and the ambitious, passionate, and volatile women of the next generations. Evan, Tessa, Linnet, and India: four remarkable women. Three generations of Hartes. One indomitable family whose loyalty binds them together and whose enemies want to tear them apart. Evan Hughes, Emma's American great-granddaughter, is trying to integrate into the powerful Harte family. She is caught between her estranged parents, her new family, and her new love. But a dangerous enemy hovers in the background. Tessa Longden, Evan's cousin, is battling her husband for custody of their daughter, Adele. When Adele suddenly goes missing, Tessa is forced to seek help from her half-sister Linnet-a woman who has been her rival all their lives. Linnet, the most brilliant businesswoman of the four great-granddaughters, is desperately trying to show that she is the natural heir to her mother, Paula. But her glittering future at the helm of the vast Harte empire means many sacrifices, perhaps even the loss of her sister's fragile trust. And India Standish, the traditionalist in the family, falls in love with a famous British artist from a working-class background. Madly in love, India is determined to marry him, no matter what her family thinks. It is Evan who finds new perspective about her own life from the revelations in letters that Emma wrote to Evan's grandmother decades ago. But they may come too late.... As conflict and danger swirl around the Harte women, someone is pulling the strings to make sure none of them finds happiness. Who among them will rise to the challenges as only a true Harte can do? This latest dramatic story in the ongoing saga of an extraordinary family dynasty is full of love, passion, jealousy, and ambition. It is Barbara Taylor Bradford at her inimitable best. 
Price: 10.95 USD
The Tail of the Tip-Off (A Mrs Murphy Mystery)(Large Print), Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky;
2 Brown, Rita Mae & Sneaky; The Tail of the Tip-Off (A Mrs Murphy Mystery)(Large Print)
Bantam Books 2008 0739433393 / 9780739433393 (Large Print) HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Bantam Books. Hardcover. Book Condition: Good. Jacket Condition: Good. A Rita Mae Brown Mrs. Murphy Mystery. 
Price: 10.95 USD
The Da Vinci Code A Novel (Large Print), Dan Brown
3 Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code A Novel (Large Print)
Ballantine Books 2003 0375432302 / 9780375432309 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
While in Paris on business, Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon receives an urgent late-night phone call: the elderly curator of the Louvre has been murdered inside the museum. Near the body, police have found a baffling cipher. While working to solve the enigmatic riddle, Langdon is stunned to discover it leads to a trail of clues hidden in the works of Da Vinci -- clues visible for all to see -- yet ingeniously disguised by the painter. Langdon joins forces with a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, and learns the late curator was involved in the Priory of Sion -- an actual secret society whose members included Sir Isaac Newton, Botticelli, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci, among others. In a breathless race through Paris, London, and beyond, Langdon and Neveu match wits with a faceless powerbroker who seems to anticipate their every move. Unless Langdon and Neveu can decipher the labyrinthine puzzle in time, the Priory's ancient secret -- and an explosive historical truth -- will be lost forever. THE DA VINCI CODE heralds the arrival of a new breed of lightning-paced, intelligent thriller…utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion 
Price: 10.95 USD
Flashback (Large Print), Dan Simmons
4 Dan Simmons Flashback (Large Print)
2011 031617792X / 9780316177924 HARDCOVER Used; Like New 
Large Print The United States is near total collapse. But 87% of the population doesn't care: they're addicted to flashback, a drug that allows its users to re-experience the best moments of their lives. After ex-detective Nick Bottom's wife died in a car accident, he went under the flash to be with her; he's lost his job, his teenage son, and his livelihood as a result. Nick may be a lost soul but he's still a good cop, so he is hired to investigate the murder of a top governmental advisor's son. This flashback-addict becomes the one man who may be able to change the course of an entire nation turning away from the future to live in the past. A provocative novel set in a future that seems scarily possible, FLASHBACK proves why Dan Simmons is one of our most exciting and versatile writers. 
Price: 10.95 USD
The Summer Before the Dark, Doris Lessing
5 Doris Lessing The Summer Before the Dark
Vintage 2009 0307390624 / 9780307390622 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Small remainder mark Nobel laureate Doris Lessing's classic novel of the pivotal summer in one woman's life is a brilliant excursion into the terrifying gulf between youth and old age. As the summer begins, Kate Brown—attractive, intelligent, forty-five, happily married, with a house in the London suburbs and three grown children—has no reason to expect that anything will change. But by summer's end the woman she was—living behind a protective camouflage of feminine charm and caring—no longer exists. The Summer Before the Dark takes us along on Kate's journey: from London to Turkey to Spain, from husband to lover to madness, on the road to a frightening new independence and a confrontation with herself that lets her finally and truly come of age. 
Price: 8.95 USD
The Summer Before the Dark, Doris Lessing
6 Doris Lessing The Summer Before the Dark
Vintage 2009 0307390624 / 9780307390622 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Vintage 2009. Trade Paperback. Book Condition: Very Good. Jacket Condition: none. Small remainder mark Nobel laureate Doris Lessing's classic novel of the pivotal summer in one woman's life is a brilliant excursion into the terrifying gulf between youth and old age. As the summer begins, Kate Brown—attractive, intelligent, forty-five, happily married, with a house in the London suburbs and three grown children—has no reason to expect that anything will change. But by summer's end the woman she was—living behind a protective camouflage of feminine charm and caring—no longer exists. The Summer Before the Dark takes us along on Kate's journey: from London to Turkey to Spain, from husband to lover to madness, on the road to a frightening new independence and a confrontation with herself that lets her finally and truly come of age. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Crown Jewel, Fern Michaels
7 Fern Michaels Crown Jewel
Atria/Emily Bestler Books 1900 073944039X / 9780739440391 BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
Atria Book Club 2003. (Large Print) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good Jacket Condition: Very Good Ricky Lam had it all - a thriving film career, the adoration of countless fans, incredible wealth, and a cocaine and alcohol problem that was about to destroy him. Luckily, he also had a business manager - his straight-arrow older brother Philip - who strong-armed him into an addiction clinic. When tragedy strikes, erasing 
Price: 10.95 USD
Dead Aim (Large Print Edition), Iris Johansen
8 Iris Johansen Dead Aim (Large Print Edition)
Random House Publishing Group 1900 0739434179 / 9780739434178 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Former owners stamp on front free endpaper. The #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen returns with an electrifying and all-too-plausible thriller that pushes the level of suspense to the maximum and never lets up. From the tense opening scene to the final explosive page, Johansen delivers a knockout novel, as an unlikely pair of allies must expose a team of killers hiding behind an unspeakable act of terror—and risk ending up their next target. She witnesses death through the eye of her camera. Now a relentless killer is focused on her. A celebrated photojournalist, Alex Graham has seen it all—but her latest assignment has forced her across a dangerous line. What happens when a reporter does more than just report? She has recorded some of the most tragic and heartbreaking of catastrophes, everything from natural disasters to infamous acts of terror. Her experiences have left her forever marked with the human side of tragedy. So when a dam breaks in Arapahoe Junction, Colorado, Alex is once more at the site doing more than just snapping pictures—she is in the mud with a shovel digging for survivors. What happens when the reporter becomes the story? Alex finds more than she bargained for. In one terrible instant, she is witness to a conspiracy that will stun a nation. The official story is just a cover-up for a truth so frightening, so unthinkable, anyone who threatens to reveal it must be silenced. Forever. And now that someone is Alex Graham. The first attempt on her life is swift and brutal. Only barely escaping, she finds an ally in an improbable source. Billionaire financier John Logan has his own reasons for protecting Alex, and these reasons alone are likely to get her killed. Using his vast connections and influences, Logan assigns a bodyguard to protect her. Judd Morgan is the best covert commando in the business, and if anyone can keep Alex safe, it’s this quietly dangerous man. The problem is, Alex doesn’t want to be kept safe by Judd, whose checkered past has made him the target of an unseen assassin who dogs his every step. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Firestorm  (Large Print), Iris Johansen
9 Iris Johansen Firestorm (Large Print)
1900 0739442414 / 9780739442418 (Large Print) HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Bantam/Doubleday Large Print, 2004. Hardcover. Book Condition: Good. Jacket Condition: Good. For Kerry Murphy, the inferno is never far away. The flames of that long-ago night still burn in her nightmares: the heat, the choking smoke, the helplessness. She can never run fast enough... Now Kerry works as an arson investigator with her evidence-sniffing dog, Sam. Together they're a great team, but her life is about to change in the time it takes to strike a match. The deadly flames of her past are back, and from out of the ashes a stranger appears. Who is Silver? And why has he chosen her in the desparate race to find a killer determined to ignite hell on earth? Kerry and Silver may not have a chance against a psychopath as coldhearted as his method is red-hot. To save themselves and the innocent lives at stake, Kerry will have to do what she hoped she'd never have to do: fight fire with fire. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Reap The Wind (Large Print), Iris Johansen
10 Iris Johansen Reap The Wind (Large Print)
Bantam Books 2008 0739429000 / 9780739429006 (Large Print) HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Bantam 1991/2002, 2002. Hardcover. Book Condition: Good. Jacket Condition: Good. Some would kill to know what Caitlin Vasaro knows. For the secrets she’s kept hidden all her life are the kind that the rich and the powerful will do anything to possess. But not even Caitlin knows how much danger she is in--or how far someone will go to hunt her down. But she is about to find out when she enters a business deal with the mysterious and charismatic Alex Karazov and joins the hunt for one of the world’s most coveted treasures, the Wind Dancer, an ancient statue of legendary beauty and power. But Kazarov is a dangerous man who has an even more dangerous enemy and suddenly Caitlin is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue and deception, unable to trust anyone, not even the one man who can help. Now she must outsmart the cleverest of killers, a psychopath obsessed with the Wind Dancer whose ruthless plan spans continents and whose lethal rampage won’t stop at one death...or two...or even three--not until he finally gets what he wants: the secret Caitlin will die to keep. 
Price: 10.98 USD
Mary, Mary, James Patterson
11 James Patterson Mary, Mary
Little, Brown And Company 2005 0739461257 / 9780739461259 BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
Little, Brown and Company Book Club 2005. (Large Print) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good Jacket Condition: Very Good FBI Agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family in Disneyland when he gets a call from the Director. A well-known actress was shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Shortly afterward, an editor for the Los Angeles Times receives an e-mail describing the murder in vivid details. Alex quickly learns that this is not an isolated incident. The killer, known as Mary Smith, has done this before and plans to kill again. Right from the beginning, this case is like nothing Alex has ever been confronted with before. Is this the plan of an obsessed fan or a spurned actor, or is it part of something much more frightening? Now members of Hollywood's A-list fear they're next on Mary's list, and the case grows by blockbuster proportions as the LAPD and FBI scramble to find a pattern before Mary can send one more chilling update. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Light from Heaven, Jan Karon
12 Jan Karon Light from Heaven
Viking Adult 2005 0739458930 / 9780739458938 (Large Print) BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
Viking Book Club 2004. (Large Print) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good Jacket Condition: Very Good All good things—even laughter and orange marmalade cake—must come to an end. And in Light from Heaven, the long-anticipated final volume in the phenomenally successful Mitford Years series, Karon deftly ties up all the loose ends of Father Timothy Kavanagh’s deeply affecting life. On a century-old valley farm where Father Tim and Cynthia are housesitting, there’s plenty to say grace over, from the havoc of a windstorm to a surprising new addition to the household and a mystery in the chicken house. It’s life on the mountaintop, however, that promises to give Father Tim the definitive challenge of his long priesthood. Can he step up to the plate and revive a remote, long-empty mountain church, asap? Or has he been called to accomplish the impossible? Fortunately, he’s been given an angel—in the flesh, of course. Light from Heaven is filled with characters old and new and with answers to all the questions that Karon fans have asked since the series began nearly a decade ago. To put it simply—it’s her best. And we believe millions will agree. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Born of Silence (The League) (Large Print), Kenyon, Serrilyn
13 Kenyon, Serrilyn Born of Silence (The League) (Large Print)
Grand Central Publishing 2012 1455513377 / 9781455513376 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Small remainder mark In a universe where corruption and deception rule all aspects of life, sparks of rebellion threaten to ignite . . . BORN OF SILENCE As the Resistance leader, Zarya Starska's only goal is to topple the government that destroyed her entire family and left her penniless. Her biggest asset is a mysterious man known only as Kere. But Kere has a dark secret. Born into a world that is as privileged as it is corrupt, his real name is Darling Cruel-and he is heir to the government Zarya wants to overthrow. No one has ever seen the real man behind the legend. No one except Zarya. But when she allows a weapon he designed to be used against his beloved sister, all bets are off. Betrayed by the Resistance, Darling's goal is not only to reign, but to kill every Resistance member he can find. Zarya must stop Darling's reign of terror, but can she reach past his insanity to restore the hero who once fought by her side? 
Price: 10.95 USD
The Christmas Thief (LARGE PRINT HARDCOVER), Mary Higgins Clark
14 Mary Higgins Clark The Christmas Thief (LARGE PRINT HARDCOVER)
Doubleday 1900 0739447343 / 9780739447345 BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
Doubleday Book Club 2004. (Large Print) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good Jacket Condition: Very Good Mary Higgins Clark, America's Queen of Suspense, and her daughter, bestselling mystery writer Carol Higgins Clark, have again joined forces to create a suspenseful and humorous holiday tale. Alvirah Meehan, the lottery winner turned amateur sleuth, teams up with private investigator Regan Reilly to solve another Christmas mystery. In Deck the Halls, they rescued Regan's kidnapped father. This time they get in the middle of a case involving a beautiful eighty-foot blue spruce that has been chosen to spend the holidays as Rockefeller Center's famous Christmas tree. The folks who picked the tree don't have a clue that attached to one of its branches is a flask chock-full of priceless diamonds that Packy Noonan, a scam artist just released from prison, had hidden there over twelve years ago. An excited Packy breaks his parole and heads to Stowe, Vermont, to reclaim his loot. Once there, he is horrified to discover that his special tree will be heading to New York City the next morning. With a bumbling crew consisting of Jo-Jo, Benny, and an unsuccessful poet, Milo, he knows he has to act fast. What Packy does not know is that Alvirah and Regan are on a weekend trip to Stowe with Alvirah's husband, Willy; Regan's fiancé, Jack; Regan's parents, Luke and Nora; and Alvirah's friend Opal, a lottery winner who lost all her winnings in Packy's scam. On Monday morning when they're supposed to head home, they learn that the tree is missing, Packy Noonan may be in the vicinity, and Opal has disappeared. From two of America's beloved storytellers, The Christmas Thief is filled with suspense, comic characters, and holiday cheer, and is sure to delight its readers. 
Price: 10.95 USD
State of Fear (Large Print), Michael Crichton
15 Michael Crichton State of Fear (Large Print)
1900 0739448153 / 9780739448151 BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
Harper Collins; Book Club 2004. (Large Print) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good Jacket Condition: Very Good In Tokyo, in Los Angeles, in Antarctica, in the Solomon Islands . . . an intelligence agent races to put all the pieces together to prevent a global catastrophe. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Northern Lights - (Large Print Edition), Nora Roberts
16 Nora Roberts Northern Lights - (Large Print Edition)
Doubleday 2008 0739446894 / 9780739446898 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Former owners stamp on front free endpaper. As a Baltimore cop, Nate Burke watched his partner die on the street—and the guilt still haunts him. With nowhere else to go, he accepted the job as Chief of Police in a tiny, remote Alaskan town with the hopes of starting over. Despite the name, Lunacy provides a balm for Nate's shattered soul—and an unexpected affair with pilot Meg Galloway warms his nights... But other things in Lunacy are heating up. Nate suspects the killer in an unsolved murder still walks the snowy streets. His investigation will unearth the secrets and suspicions that lurk beneath the placid surface, as well as bring out the big-city survival instincts that made him a cop in the first place. And his discovery will threaten the new life—and the new love—that he has finally found for himself. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Predator (Large Print), Patricia Cornwell
17 Patricia Cornwell Predator (Large Print)
G.p. Putnam's Sons 1900 0739458825 / 9780739458822 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Large Print Book Club hardcover edition; 620 pages. Dr Kay Scarpetta, nowfreelancing with the National Forensic Academy in Florida, takes charge of an unnerving case. The psychological clues lead Scarpetta and her team to suspect that they are hunting a master of manipulation. As she matches wits with a calculating psychopath, it seems that she may be the prey rather than the predator. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Trace (A Scarpetta Novel) (Large Print), Patricia Cornwell
18 Patricia Cornwell Trace (A Scarpetta Novel) (Large Print)
Putnam Adult 2008 0739444956 / 9780739444955 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Against advice from her niece Lucy, Kay Scarpetta answers a request to return to the Richmond medical examiner's office, the same office from which she was fired, to help with the sensitive case of a dead teen. When she and Pete Marino arrive, they find the new medical examiner to be a vituperative, uncooperative martinet and the office that Kay ran so efficiently in chaos. Two murders, oddly linked, demand their attention. In the meantime, Lucy, still unsettled despite her success with the Last Precinct investigative agency, is having personal problems (there's been an attack on her housemate), which strangely enough find her treading the same path as her aunt Kay. Traces of the smart, dynamic, yet vulnerable Scarpetta of the early novels are in evidence here, and Cornwell has better control of her plot and characters than in her last few efforts, faltering only occasionally when psychobabble weighs things down. The mystery is intriguing, there's plenty of forensic detail, and the ending, though perhaps too abrupt, opens the way for Scarpetta and her associates to proceed in any direction that calls to them. 
Price: 10.95 USD
The Jury Master (Large Print), Robert Dugoni
19 Robert Dugoni The Jury Master (Large Print)
Doubleday 2009 0739465406 / 9780739465400 BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
David Sloane is the best wrongful death attorney in San Francisco. But despite his professional success, he's plagued by a nightmare of a childhood he cannot consciously remember. When he recieves a package from a White House confidant who then turns up dead, the contents reveal a history he could never have imagined. 
Price: 10.95 USD
High Plains Tango, Robert James Waller
20 Robert James Waller High Plains Tango
Doubleday 1900 0739455737 / 9780739455739 BOOK CLUB EDITION. Used; Very Good 
Doubleday Book Club 2004. (Large Print) Hardcover. Book Condition: Very Good Jacket Condition: Very Good The wild places are where no one is looking anymore. Out there on the high plains, among the Sioux reservations and the silent buttes, among the small towns dying and the people with them, you can hear the wind. And on the back of the wind is the sound of an old accordion—tangos—mingling with the lonely thump of a single drum in the nighttime and a far-off warrior’s cry. On the back of the wind is the smell of worn saddle leather and sawdust, of sandalwood, and smoke from ancient ceremonial fires. To this, to a town called Salamander, comes Carlisle McMillan, a traveler and master carpenter seeking a place of quiet amid the grinding roar of progress. Near Wolf Butte, a strange and apparently haunted monolith, he finds his quiet, or so he believes, and begins rebuilding a decrepit house as a tribute to the gruff old man who taught him a carpenter’s skills, rebuilding his life at the same time. He finds two very different, independent women: Gally Deveraux, who works at a diner in Salamander and longs for something more than she is, and Susanna Benteen, beautiful and enigmatic, who was drawn to Salamander for mysterious reasons of her own, a woman the town has labeled a witch. The women and his carpenter’s trade and an old Indian known as Flute Player bring Carlisle a sense of contentment for a while. But his quiet is shattered as bulldozer treads begin to turn and the Yerkes County War commences. Run or stand your ground, that is Carlisle’s dilemma, Gally on one side, Susanna on the other. Robert James Waller’s fully imagined characters become people we know and care for deeply. High Plains Tango is the hauntingly lyrical story of a small town in the middle of nowhere, a town that forever changed—and was forever changed by—one man. 
Price: 10.95 USD
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Hardcase (Large Print), Simmons, Dan
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