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House & Home

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House & Home

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Decorative Paint And Faux Finishes
1 Decorative Paint And Faux Finishes
1999 0376013885 / 9780376013880 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
This all-new edition of one of Sunset¬ís perennial best sellers is back and better than ever with loads of ready-made color combinations, tips on choosing the right painting effects, advice from the pros, and information on specialty tools. It has tons of photos to get your creative juices flowing and confidence-building instruction on techniques and materials to see you through to the successful completion of your masterpiece. Features: * This comprehensive decorative painting guide is the second edition of a Sunset best seller * Provides instruction on thirty decorative paint techniques with step-by-step photography and color combining recommendations * Includes newer techniques as well as tried-and-true favorites that will inspire novice and experienced painters alike * Completely updated resource and materials guide 
Price: 8.95 USD
Keeping Chickens (Digging and Planting)
2 Keeping Chickens (Digging and Planting)
Flame Tree Publishing 2016 1783617209 / 9781783617203 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
In the last few years, poultry-keeping has enjoyed massive growth, with heavy TV coverage featuring chefs such as Jamie Oliver. It is another symptom of our weariness of mass-produced, tasteless supermarket food - the appeal of being able to nip into the back garden to get fresh eggs for breakfast, knowing that the hens have been well kept, fed and loved. This highly practical book is aimed at beginners to the hobby and will explain everything you need to know to get started keeping chickens, from how to choose, house, feed and handle them to how many eggs they will lay, their affect on the local ecosystem and protection from foxes. About the Author: Tracey Smith is a passionate advocate for sustainability. A broadcaster, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas and creator of InterNational Downshifting Week, her new series, The Great Downshift unlocks its secrets, warts and all. Her poultry-peak stands at 43 chickens, 10 ducks and 2 guinea fowl and she?s given away more eggs than you can shake a stick at... 
Price: 9.95 USD
Letters From The Hive: An Intimate History Of Bees, Honey, And Humankind
3 Letters From The Hive: An Intimate History Of Bees, Honey, And Humankind
Bantam Books 2006 0553382667 / 9780553382662 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Very Good 
Small remainder mark They work hard, are devoted to family, love sex, and know the importance of a good piece of real estate. Honey bees, and the daily workings of their close-knit colonies, are one of nature's great miracles. And they produce one of nature's greatest edible bounties: honey. More than just a palate pleaser, honey was once an offering to the gods, a preservative, and a medicine whose sought-after curative powers were detailed in ancient texts . . . and are being rediscovered by modern medical science. In Letters from the Hive, Prof. Stephen Buchmann takes us into the hive--nursery, honey factory, queen's inner sanctum--and out to the world of backyard gardens, open fields, and deserts in full bloom, where the age-old sexual dance between flowers and bees makes life on earth as we know it possible. Hailed for their hard work, harmonious society, and, mistakenly, for their celibacy, bees have a link to our species that goes beyond biology. In Letters from the Hive, Buchmann explores the fascinating role of bees in human culture and mythology, following the "honey hunters" of native cultures in Malaysia, the Himalayas, and the Australian Outback as they risk life and limb to locate a treasure as valuable as any gold. To contemplate a world without bees is to imagine a desolate place, culturally and biologically, and Buchmann shows how with each acre of land sacrificed to plow, parking lot, or shopping mall, we inch closer to what could become a chilling reality. He also offers honey-based recipes, cooking tips, and home remedies--further evidence of the gifts these creatures have bestowed on us. Told with wit, wisdom, and affection, and rich with anecdote and science, Letters from the Hive is nature writing at its best. This is natural history to be treasured, a sweet tribute that buzzes with life. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Small Wonder: Essays, Barbara Kingsolver,
4 Barbara Kingsolver, Small Wonder: Essays
2003 0060504080 / 9780060504083 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Good 
In her new essay collection, the beloved author of High Tide in Tucson brings to us, out of one of history's darker moments, an extended love song to the world we still have. Whether she is contemplating the Grand Canyon, her vegetable garden, motherhood, genetic engineering, or the future of a nation founded on the best of all human impulses, these essays are grounded in the author's belief that our largest problems have grown from the earth's remotest corners as well as our own backyards, and that answers may lie in both those places. Sometimes grave, occasionally hilarious, and ultimately persuasive, Small Wonder is a hopeful examination of the people we seem to be, and what we might yet make of ourselves. 
Price: 6.98 USD
So Your Dog's Not Lassie: Tips For Training Difficult Dogs And Independent Breeds, Betty Fisher
5 Betty Fisher So Your Dog's Not Lassie: Tips For Training Difficult Dogs And Independent Breeds
William Morrow Paperbacks 1998 0062734571 / 9780062734570 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Good 
Small remainder mark OK. You're dog doesn't live to please you. There, we've said it. Contrary to what you've always heard, not all dogs want to earn their owner's approval. Sometimes they seem as if they could not care less. But this is no secret to you -- you know your dog's not Lassie. With this book you will come to understand and appreciate that for hundreds of years dogs were bred for qualities like independence, dominance and determination. While these traits make dogs excellent hunters, trackers and fighters, they can make day-to-day living with your pet a real challenge. Betty Fisher and Suzanne Delzio will teach you how to employ or overcome the traits that make your dog difficult to train. They will show how to use body language, food, voice, training structure and style to convince your stubborn dog to do what you ask. Without force, you can turn your difficult dog into a perfect pet, or even a successful show dog. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Biggle's Swine Book : Much Old and More New Hog Knowledge, Arranged in Alternate Streaks of Fat and, Biggle, Jacob
6 Biggle, Jacob Biggle's Swine Book : Much Old and More New Hog Knowledge, Arranged in Alternate Streaks of Fat and
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. 2013 1626361487 / 9781626361485 HARDCOVER New 
Practical and timeless tips on how to raise pigs from an early twentieth-century master farmer. When Jacob Biggle first published The Biggle Swine Book in 1898, hog husbandry was undergoing major changes. New feeding methods had come into vogue, new breeds of hogs had been developed, and significant progress had been made in curbing swine-borne epidemics. Even the public perception of pigs as filthy creatures wallowing up to their knees in mud had brightened, and pigs were accorded a modicum of respect. But with the onset of railroad development across the United States, the backyard pig farmer started losing ground to slaughterhouses and large processing plants. The Biggle Swine Book captures this moment in American history when home animal husbandry was giving way to more industrialized meat production. Nevertheless, Jacob Biggle continued to offer guidance to the small-scale farmer on all manner of livestock issues, centered around the proper breeding, feeding, and care of pigs. His book includes valuable instructions on: What to do at farrowing time Constructing the piggery and sty Keeping on top of the manure pile Butchering and curing meats Protecting your animals from various pig ailments Illustrated with photographs, engravings, and line drawings throughout of all things pig-related, this book is a glimpse into a bygone era when sows and their litters had a place on every farm, and people knew exactly where their bacon came from. 40 black and white illustrations 
Price: 7.95 USD
The Intelligence of Dogs: Canine Consciousness and Capabilities, Coren, Stanley
7 Coren, Stanley The Intelligence of Dogs: Canine Consciousness and Capabilities
Free Press 1994 0029066832 / 9780029066836 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
The first book to establish the now wildly popular category of dog psychology, THE INTELLIGENCE OF DOGS made headlines and news with its controversial rankings of smart dogs, lap dogs and watchdogs. Updated with the most recent scientific research, interviews with top breeders and trainers, and his own personal observations as a lifelong dog lover, Stanley Coren's first, and now classic, bestseller reveals some surprising facts about the intelligence of our closest animal companions. Dog lovers gain practical tips on evaluating their dog's intelligence, reading dog body language, understanding the sophisticated 'language' of a dog's bark, and tailoring a training programme to suit each dog's special needs. Here too are Coren's scientifically determined lists that rank more than one hundred breeds for obedience, problem-solving, and working intelligence, as well as for specialized tasks, such as being a guard dog or being safe around children. Whether your dog is pure bred or a mixed breed you can use the dog intelligence test that Coren provides to find out how smart your best friend is. Rich in wit, wisdom, and anecdotes, this new edition of THE INTELLIGENCE OF DOGS brings dog fanciers a greater understanding and enjoyment of the habits, antics and abilities of dogs. 
Price: 10.95 USD
A Mom's Guide to Home Organization: Simple Solutions to Control Clutter, Schedules, and Stress, Debbie Lillard
8 Debbie Lillard A Mom's Guide to Home Organization: Simple Solutions to Control Clutter, Schedules, and Stress
Betterway Home 2012 1440324883 / 9781440324888 First Edition TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Like New 
Betterway Home, Paperback, 2012; First Edition, Book Condition: Like New; never read. Create a Happy, Clutter-Free Home! Do you dream of having a clutter-free kitchen, organized closet, tidy toy room and stress-free schedule? All of this and more is within your reach when you follow the practical and effective organizing advice in this book. In this ultimate home organization guide Debbie Lillard, professional organizer and mother of three, helps you gain and maintain order in three key areas of your family life: Your Time: Learn how to get more done in less time by streamlining everyday duties, creating morning, after-school and bedtime routines, and effectively managing extracurricular activities. Your Belongings: Use Debbie's simple but effective C.P.R. method (Categorize, Purge, and Rearrange) to organize, toys, clothes, children's artwork, paperwork, photos, collections and more. Your Home: Follow the step-by-step instructions for organizing every room in your home, plus find help for keeping your child's schoolbag, desk, locker, and home study area organized. Follow the book from start to finish for a complete home makeover, or dip in here or there for help with one problem area at a time. The tried-and-true advice will help you simplify your life so you can spend less time struggling to keep up and more time savoring everyday moments with your family. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Bee Keeping, Gregory, Pam, Waring, Cla
9 Gregory, Pam, Waring, Cla Bee Keeping
Flame Tree Publishing 2015 1783613882 / 9781783613885 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding activity and is hugely important to the survival of our declining bee population, as much covered recently by the media. This attractive book offers practical and informative advice on how to get started, how to achieve and collect good harvests, beekeeping through the seasons, troubleshooting, queen rearing and more. It even suggests ways of encouraging bees for 'non-beekeepers'. Written by well respected experts Pam Gregory and Claire Waring, it provides accurate and reliable information on this increasingly popular pastime and is the ideal giftbook for the budding beekeeper. 
Price: 9.95 USD
Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It, Harry C. Ramsower
10 Harry C. Ramsower Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. 1626364109 / 9781626364103 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
This classic guide presents practical information on virtually every aspect of farm equipment, machinery, and organization. Originally published in 1917, Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It surveys every topic of importance to the challenge of equipping a successful and fully functional farm, including lighting the farm home, establishing sources of water, and arranging for sewage disposal for the farmhouse. Additional sections provide detailed discussions of such indispensable examples of farm equipment as tillage tools, seeding machinery, manure spreaders, grain binders, and corn harvesters. Fully illustrated throughout with drawings, diagrams, plans, and photographs, Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It will prove as interesting to the current farmer for its still-prudent advice on the timeless problems of farm management as it will to the history buff who wishes to catch an image of what the American farm was like at the beginning of the twentieth century. It provides a lovely foray into the rich legacy of American agriculture and will appeal to anyone who has ever been interested in the nuts-and-bolts of farm life. 
Price: 8.95 USD
The Good Herb Recipes and Remedies From Nature, Hurley, Judith
11 Hurley, Judith The Good Herb Recipes and Remedies From Nature
William Morrow & Co 9790875967294 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
In this delightful trove of information and recipes, an award-winning author shares the secrets and wisdom of herbals masters. A book for all five senses, this richly documented volume provides a spirited 20th-century twist to old-fashioned herbal remedies. 200+ recipes. of two-color photos. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Prepper's Guide to Surviving Natural Disasters, James D. Nowka
12 James D. Nowka Prepper's Guide to Surviving Natural Disasters
2013 144023566X / 9781440235665 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Ignorance is bliss only until reality barges in! Real disasters - floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, chemical spills - occur every year. Prepper's Guide to Natural Disasters skips the hype and hysteria of less likely, apocalyptic scenarios and helps you understand, prepare for, and survive real threats to your family and home - events that affect hundreds of thousands of people every year. The Prepper's Guide to Natural Disasters helps you assess the real threats in your part of the country, then provides clear, detailed solutions to help you prepare for, survive and recover from the most common natural disasters, including floods, earthquakes, chemical releases, wildfires, winter storms, tornadoes, tech failures, economic collapse/civil unrest, terrorism, nuclear disasters, and pandemics. 
Price: 12.95 USD
Five-Minute Flower Arranger, Jane Newdick
13 Jane Newdick Five-Minute Flower Arranger
Crown 0517573423 / 9780517573426 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Here are 30 arrangements as well as ideas and directions for creating original five-minute designs. Each design is photographed in full color with sequences showing how to create the arrangements. 90 full-color illustrations, 15 line drawings. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Backyard Medicine: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies, Julie Bruton-Seal
14 Julie Bruton-Seal Backyard Medicine: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies
Castle Books 0785829733 / 9780785829737 HARDCOVER New 
Nature abounds with forgotten remedies for countless health problems, and alternative medicine and natural healing have reached into every facet of our lives. This book responds to the growing interest in natural medicine and provides a natural way to improve your health, using local plants and herbs in the same way that people have done for centuries around the world. This book provides clear instructions about which plants to harvest to make over 120 recipes for teas, vinegars, oils, creams, pillows, poultices or alcohol-based tinctures.With easy-to-follow recipes for treatment of eczema, cellulite, indigestion, earaches, and many more, this full-color handbook is essential for anyone who wants to harvest and make herbal remedies from wild plants. It will bring you closer to nature, help you and your family feel better, and save you money. This book is as practical as it is beautiful. 
Price: 13.95 USD
Herbs for Health and Healing: A Drug-Free Guide to Prevention and Care, Keville, Kati
15 Keville, Kati Herbs for Health and Healing: A Drug-Free Guide to Prevention and Care
1996 0875962939 / 9780875962931 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
This safe and practical guide brings herbalism into the 21st century--an authoritative handbook to using herbs in one's life, from the kitchen to the medicine cabinet to the dressing table. The emphasis in this book is on hands-on remedies that readers can easily make in their kitchens. Each chapter provides recipes, along with detailed information on why each ingredient is used. Illustrations. 
Price: 8.95 USD
16 Michael Castleman The Healing Herbs: The Ultimate Guide to the Curative Power of Nature's Medicines
Rodale Books 0878579346 / 9780878579341 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
The Healing Herbs provides the information you need to use the earth's wonderful bounty of medicinal plants confidently, effectively, and above all, safely. It examines 100 of the most widely used, most easily available, most familiar, and most fascinating medicinal plants, tracing their history, folklore, and healing properties, and summarizing the latest scientific research on their many benefits. The Healing Herbs also explains where to find the herbs, how to take them, store and prepare them, even how to grow them. The Healing Herbs also includes an easy-to-use A-to-Z herb encyclopedia, plus a section titled Prevention and Treatment: A Fast-action Guide to Using the Healing Herbs, including: Conditions--from ear infection to stress, A-to-Z conditions and the herbs you can use to treat and prevent specific symptoms and diseases; Healing Actions--from antibiotic to sedative, an A-to-Z list of medicinal uses with herbs as a natural alternative to certain medicines; Other Uses--some unusual uses for the healing herbs, for example as insect repellent or memory improvement. Both Conditions and Healing Actions include special precautions about certain herbs, whether in preparation, long-term use, or short-term effects. -- 
Price: 8.95 USD
When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care: Traditional And Alternative Healing Methods, Moore, Lucile C
17 Moore, Lucile C When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care: Traditional And Alternative Healing Methods
2008 159580031X / 9781595800312 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care is an illustrated guide to the care and behavior of rabbits with special needs. The book provides information on topics as diverse as how to administer subcutaneous fluids to a rabbit and how sounds and color help promote healing. Quotes from top rabbit veterinarians and alternative healing practitioners from across the country are included, as are useful tips from rabbit owners who have had experience in dealing with particular medical conditions. The text is illustrated with both photographs and drawings, making it easy for readers to follow. Authors Lucile C. Moore and Kathy Smith provide pet owners with special-needs rabbits with information on basic care, pain control, digestive system problems, chronic illnesses, physically challenged rabbits, progressive disabilities causing mobility problems, dental care, elderbuns, and emotional issues. Product Description: A complete guide to the care and behavior of rabbits with special needs, this resource provides information on topics as diverse as how to administer subcutaneous fluids to how sounds and color help promote healing. With photographs and drawings accompanying the text, this handbook features quotes from leading rabbit veterinarians and alternative healing practitioners from across the country. Information on basic care, pain control, digestive system problems, chronic illnesses, physically challenged rabbits, progressive disabilities causing mobility problems, dental problems, and emotional issues provide pet owners with the perfect reference to sustaining a longer, healthier life for their rabbits. 
Price: 10.95 USD
Save That Dog!: Adopting a Purebred Rescue Dog, Palika, Liz
18 Palika, Liz Save That Dog!: Adopting a Purebred Rescue Dog
1997 0876057377 / 9780876057377 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Small remainder mark The first book to deal specifically with purebred rescue, the dogs, and the people involved, "Save That Dog!" explains what purebred dog rescue is and how it differs from shelter adoptions. Heartwarming profiles of abused, abandoned dogs which have been placed in loving, responsible homes are interspersed with details of the adoption process. 30 photos. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Miniature Schnauzers/Kw-042, Pisano, Beverly
19 Pisano, Beverly Miniature Schnauzers/Kw-042
1989 0793810507 / 9780793810505 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Miniature Schnauzers/Kw-042 by Pisano, Beverly, Lewis, Gloria, Hardcover, 224 Pages, Published 1989 
Price: 6.95 USD
Handy Projects for Boys: More Than 200 Projects Including Skis, Hammocks, Paper Balloons, Wrestling, Popular Mechanics Press
20 Popular Mechanics Press Handy Projects for Boys: More Than 200 Projects Including Skis, Hammocks, Paper Balloons, Wrestling
Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. 2014 1628737743 / 9781628737745 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Skyhorse Publishing. 2014 Paperback. Book Condition: New. The projects in Handy Projects for Boys first appeared in a major collection arranged by the editors of Popular Mechanics Press in 1913. During this time period, the methods and techniques used to create these items were just as important to the boys and men building them as the final projects themselves. They took care with their materials; they were precise and they labored over the smallest details. To know something was handcrafted was to know it was a quality piece. Because of the exactitude of the craftsmen's methods in the early 1900s, this historical and practical text features specific step-by-step instructions and includes many detailed illustrations for even the smallest or quickest jobs, including: Eskimo snow houses, Box kites, Boomerangs, Chair sleighs, Homemade roller skates, Catapults, Canoes, And more. More important than building the projects inside, this book offers fathers and sons, grandfathers and grandsons, and even uncles and nephews an opportunity to spend some time together, learn a bit about history, and produce fully functional pieces. 
Price: 7.95 USD
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New Items
The Good Herb Recipes and Remedies From Nature, Hurley, Judith
The Good Herb Recipes and Remedies From Nature
Hurley, Judith
8.95 USD

Five-Minute Flower Arranger, Jane Newdick
Five-Minute Flower Arranger
Jane Newdick
5.95 USD

Small Wonder: Essays, Barbara Kingsolver,
Small Wonder: Essays
Barbara Kingsolver,
6.98 USD

Backyard Medicine: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies, Julie Bruton-Seal
Backyard Medicine: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies
Julie Bruton-Seal
13.95 USD

Neal's Yard Remedies: Cook, Brew, and Blend your Own Herbs
Susannah Steel
13.95 USD

Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It, Harry C. Ramsower
Handy Farm Equipment and How to Use It
Harry C. Ramsower
8.95 USD


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