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Children's Non-Fiction

 - 62 items found in your search
Children's Non-Fiction

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Brain Games Kids Phonics Fun
1 Brain Games Kids Phonics Fun
Publications International 1900 1450839819 / 9781450839815 FLEX-BINDING New 
This 7 3/8" x 9 1/8" is a spiral-bound book that contains 192 paper pages. Get ready for an exciting new kind of early learning fun! Each left-hand page contains one to four questions; each right-hand page supplies concrete answers. These 301 questions include questions and answers about phonics, sound blends, vowel sounds, rhyming, sight words, hard and soft sounds?plus much more! Categories are scattered throughout the book, and questions progress from easy to hard for a graduated learning experience. Questions and answers are illustrated with art and photography, presenting the material in a fun and engaging way. Have fun learning with your child today! Developmental Age Recommendation: 4-6 
Price: 8.95 USD
Sid the Kid (Lets read with Pull and Learn Phonics)
2 Sid the Kid (Lets read with Pull and Learn Phonics)
1900 1904962025 / 9781904962021 TRADE PAPERBACK Used; Like New 
Make reading fun with Pull and Learn. Pull and learn phonics is a series of five books, each focusing on a different vowel sound. Enjoy the book together and point out the last word on each page. Encourage your child to find the matching word on the tabs at the side. Then, ask them to read the word and pull the tab to see if they are right! 
Price: 8.95 USD
Totally Bugs (Totally Books)
3 Totally Bugs (Totally Books)
Silver Dolphin Books 2013 1607107872 / 9781607107873 New 
Silver Dolphin Books, 2013. Paperback. Book Condition: NEW. Totally Bugs is totally cool! Budding entomologists can get an up-close look at bug anatomies and learn all about their lives. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to build five different bugs: a ladybug, a black ant, a stag beetle, a greenbottle fly, and an orb weaver spider. The world of insects and spiders comes to life as kids build each creature, then read along and learn fascinating facts about their lives and environments. Totally Bugs is the totally smart way to learn about some of our favorite creepy-crawly creatures. 
Price: 9.95 USD
Let's Leap Ahead Pre-K, Alex A. Lluch
4 Alex A. Lluch Let's Leap Ahead Pre-K
WS Publishing Group 2012 193606183X / 9781936061839 HARDCOVER New 
The Let's Leap Ahead series provides kids with hundreds of fun, educational activities, all based on national standards. Plus, the books are easy to carry and transport anywhere for hours of learning and fun! With Let's Leap Ahead Pre-K, little ones master key concepts, such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, opposites, and so much more. Clear instructions, colorful images, and fun exercises (such as drawing activities and matching games) keep your children engaged and interested in learning. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Let's Leap Ahead Pre-K School Games, Alex A. Lluch
5 Alex A. Lluch Let's Leap Ahead Pre-K School Games
2014 1613510802 / 9781613510803 HARDCOVER New 
Kids master pre-kindergarten concepts such as numbers, alphabet, shapes, colors, and opposites with this colorful wipe-off. The reusable surface and erasable pen lets kids practice activities again and again! The convenient size allow kids to bring it with them everywhere! This book comes with an erasable pen so eager learners can start practicing immediately! Also included, are 5 free educational apps (with the purchase of the book): Alphabet Numbers Shapes Colors Phonics 
Price: 6.95 USD
Questions & Answers: Ancient History: Learn About the Past, Arcturus
6 Arcturus Questions & Answers: Ancient History: Learn About the Past
Arcturus Publishing 2012 184837156X / 9781848371569 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Ancient History gives readers an incredible insight into all aspects of human life in the ancient world. From the earliest civilizations to the medieval period, readers will learn about art, architecture, culture, religion & the remarkable individuals who shaped world history. Also available in same Questions & Answers series are World History, Animal World, Planet Earth, Science, & Space. 
Price: 3.95 USD
Cat Growth Chart, B. Kliban
7 B. Kliban Cat Growth Chart
2015 0764971298 / 9780764971297 LIMITED & SPECIAL EDITIONS New 
B. Kliban Growth Chart. Package size: 13 x 12 in. Assembled chart size: 11 x 48 in. Includes 4 large 11 x 12 in. (27.9 x 30.5 cm) wall stickers, easy-to-follow instructions, and 50 small stickers for decorating and marking milestones.Chart begins measuring at 1 ft. (45.7 cm) and goes up to 5 ft. (167.6 cm), with increments provided in inches and centimeters. The chart panels can be applied to any smooth surface. 
Price: 15.95 USD
Birds (Mini Encyclopedia), Belinda Gallagher
8 Belinda Gallagher Birds (Mini Encyclopedia)
Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd 2014 1782094431 / 9781782094432 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Did you know that courting waxwings will exchange small objects-berries, flower petals, or insects-back and forth between each other? Or that house sparrows have been known to build their nests in coal mines? This book explores the world of birds, including water birds (geese, plovers, and penguins), land birds (crows, cockatoos, and eagles), early birds (archaeopteryx and icthyornis), and extinct birds (dodo, great auk), as well as bird behavior, migration, and anatomical features like beaks, feet, and feathers. Illustrated with captioned color photos or drawings on nearly every page, this compact encyclopedia for readers 8 and up is stuffed with detailed information, making it an engaging refresher for adults as well. Each topic is presented in clear, bulleted points, while "Did You Know?" fact panels appear throughout. 
Price: 7.95 USD
Bugs (Mini Encyclopedia), Belinda Gallagher
9 Belinda Gallagher Bugs (Mini Encyclopedia)
Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd 2014 1782094458 / 9781782094456 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Mini Encyclopedia Bugs is the mini book crammed with masses of knowledge about the insect world. Interesting bulleted facts for easy understanding. Colour-coded sections help children to navigate the book. Brilliantly detailed illustrations and photos support learning. 
Price: 7.95 USD
Build the Scorpion, Brigt, Micael
10 Brigt, Micael Build the Scorpion
2014 1626862044 / 9781626862043 HARDCOVER New 
Silver Dolphin Books. Hardcover. Book Condition: NEW. Creep into the world of scorpions with this exciting new kit. Build the Scorpion takes young readers into the wild to learn all about arachnids and their habitats. Children have fun while learning about creepy-crawlies with colorful illustrations, fascinating facts about scorpions, and building their very own scorpion model. Everything needed to build the model is included, ready to assemble at home or to take on the go. This unique set includes a 32-page book full of colorful illustrations and intriguing facts about scorpions and other arachnids, plus 32 slotted pieces to build a three-dimensional scorpion. 
Price: 11.95 USD
Questions & Answers: Planet Earth: Learn About Our World, Capella
11 Capella Questions & Answers: Planet Earth: Learn About Our World
Arcturus Publishing 2008 1848371586 / 9781848371583 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Planet Earth is full of incredible images & fascinating facts about the world we live in. Readers are guided around the globe, learning about Earth's atmosphere, seasons, & climate, the vast variety of landscapes & many other amazing facts about Planet Earth. Other titles in Questions & Answers series include Ancient History, Animal World, Science, Space, & World History. 
Price: 3.95 USD
Questions and Answers : Space: Learn How Things Work, Capella Star
12 Capella Star Questions and Answers : Space: Learn How Things Work
Arcturus Publishing 2012 1848371578 / 9781848371576 HARDCOVER Used; Very Good 
Questions & Answers Educational Hardcover Books Space 30 pages of questions and answers regarding Space 
Price: 3.95 USD
Jurassic World Press-Out Model Box, CENTUM
13 CENTUM Jurassic World Press-Out Model Box
2015 1908497610 / 9781908497611 TRADE PAPERBACK New 
Centum Books, 2013. PAPERBACK. Book Condition: New. This box contains a 32pp dinosaur activity book, including step-by-step instructions to build the models, games and activities. The dinosuar models are pre-pressed on card,easy to pop out and fold to create a T. rex, Indomimus rex,Triceratops and a Pteranodon. 
Price: 11.95 USD
Animal Adventures: Rain Forest, Christina Wilsdon
14 Christina Wilsdon Animal Adventures: Rain Forest
2013 160710721X / 9781607107217 SLIPCASED New 
Silver Dolphin Books, 2013. Book Condition: NEW. This delightful play set is designed to teach children about the wonderful mysteries of the rain forest. A 40-page book packed with amazing facts and activities provides a basic understanding and foundation for appreciating the rain forest, which is quickly disappearing. Their learning is reinforced through play with six press-out model figures of animals to assemble, a diorama play scene, and removable stickers so they can change the dioramas as much as their little hearts desire! 
Price: 19.95 USD
365 Simple Science Experiments With Everyday Materials, Churchill, E. Richard,
15 Churchill, E. Richard, 365 Simple Science Experiments With Everyday Materials
1997 1884822673 / 9781884822674 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Illustrated by Frances Zweifel. The fundamentals of science are brought to life in a year's worth of fun and educational hands-on experiments that can be performed easily and inexpensively at home. 
Price: 8.95 USD
Incredible Bugs, Claire Bampton
16 Claire Bampton Incredible Bugs
Arcturus Publishing 2014 1782129715 / 9781782129714 HARDCOVER New 
Arcturus, London, 2014. Hardcover. Book Condition: New. Laminated covers. Numerous color photos. 3-D model to build. Children aged eight and up will be thrilled with this model-a dramatic-looking scorpion, ready to strike. The beautiful illustrations, and clear, informative text give this book hours and hours of appeal. It's the ideal introduction to the fascinating world of bugs, from tiny ants to giant spiders. 
Price: 15.95 USD
Dick Whittington, Clare Gifford
17 Clare Gifford Dick Whittington
Bloomsbury Publishing PL 1408187620 / 9781408187623 FLEX-BINDING New 
The classic tale of Dick Whittington. This charming book tells the legendary story of Dick's poor beginnings and his rise to wealth thanks to a very clever cat. It also includes the true story of Richard Whittington, a merchant philanthropist, who was Lord Mayor of London three times in the 15th century. Delightfully written and stunningly illustrated in full colour, this is a classic London story. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Questions & Answers: Science: Learn How Things Work, Fern, Ella
18 Fern, Ella Questions & Answers: Science: Learn How Things Work
Arcturus Publishing 2012 1848371608 / 9781848371606 HARDCOVER Used; Good 
Question and answer format covering: Origin of life, matter, light, sound, heat, electricity, magnets, forces and motion, land, air, and water transport. Detailed explanations and beautiful illustrations. Reading level 4th grade and up. 
Price: 3.95 USD
Shapes and Colors, Filipeck, Nina
19 Filipeck, Nina Shapes and Colors
Book Studio 1900 1905709854 / 9781905709854 HARDCOVER New 
"Fun to Learn" is a great series of early concept books. Easy questions and humorous characters make learning fun and interactive. 
Price: 5.95 USD
Time : Fun to Learn, Filipek, Nina
20 Filipek, Nina Time : Fun to Learn
Book Studio 1900 1905709862 / 9781905709861 HARDCOVER New 
"Fun to Learn" is a great series of early concept books. Easy questions and humorous characters make learning fun and interactive. 
Price: 5.95 USD
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New Items
Robotic Scorpion, Melissa Stewart
Robotic Scorpion
Melissa Stewart
12.95 USD

Origami Adventures: Animals, Nick Robinson, Sebastion
Origami Adventures: Animals
Nick Robinson, Sebastion
7.95 USD

Build the Scorpion, Brigt, Micael
Build the Scorpion
Brigt, Micael
11.95 USD

Fling, Sling, and Batter Your Way to Victory: All You Need to Know about Medieval Weaponry, Steele, Philip
Fling, Sling, and Batter Your Way to Victory: All You Need to Know about Medieval Weaponry
Steele, Philip
14.95 USD

Totally Bugs (Totally Books)
Totally Bugs (Totally Books)
9.95 USD

Jurassic World Press-Out Model Box, CENTUM
Jurassic World Press-Out Model Box
11.95 USD

Animal Adventures: Insects And Spiders, Lori C Froeb
Animal Adventures: Insects And Spiders
Lori C Froeb
19.95 USD

Animal Adventures: Rain Forest, Christina Wilsdon
Animal Adventures: Rain Forest
Christina Wilsdon
19.95 USD


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